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Build 33 (beta)

  • Fix: "Assertion Failed: Satellite DLL not found." when running VS2005 or VS2008. #10421 (thanks Jep0710, BuzaL, JimMcLaren)
  • Fix: Commands will be deleted from a custom toolbar, too! #7940 (thanks MartinLemburg)
  • Fix: Prev/Next modification using first state? #10418 (thanks BuzaL)

Build 32 (beta)

  • New: Added Visual Studio 2013 support
  • New: Added SVN 1.8 support
  • New: Added Visual Studio 2012 support
  • New: Added 'Check for modifications', which is exposed as 'VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsCheckForModifications' command. You can find the menu button when you right-click on a solution explorer item, it's within the 'VsTortoise' sub-menu and will open the TortoiseSVN 'Check for modifications' dialog.
  • Change: Replaced various links to my personal website with

Build 31 (beta - not released officially)

  • Fix: Diff does not work with external diff viewer #9084 (thanks Michael and Martin)
  • Fix: Fixed that incorrect keyboard bindings prevent VsTortoise buttons to show up. #285194 (thanks Alex)
  • Updated SharpSvn DLL's to version 1.7002.1998

Build 30 (beta)

  • New: Support for TortoiseSVN 1.7 added.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog displays conflicted files now.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocument allows to group items by changelist now.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog caused Visual Studio 2010 to freeze sometimes.
  • Fix: The installer didn't properly support silent installation (thanks brambo123)

Build 29 (beta)

  • New: Added VsTortoise Solution Explorer integration for Web Project Folder, Web Folder and Web Item.
  • Fix: TortoiseProc was called with invalid parameters, when using TSVN 1.4.x or older #7338 (thanks psifive)
  • Fix: Add-in does not work, when "TortoiseSVN/bin" is not added to PATH environment variable #7357
  • Fix: Missing error message when TortoiseSVN could not be found #7356
  • Fix: "Update" and "Commit" commands under the Active Project submenu don't work when the active project is a web site, but do work when it is a web application. #232579 (thanks rpresser)
  • Fix: Missing buttons in Solution Explorer using Web Site Projects. #7504
  • Fix: Duplicated Update and Commit... buttons when right clicking on a source or header file in the Solution Explorer #7719 (thanks hml, MartinLemburg)
  • Fix: "Diff with previous version" command not working when revision 0 does not exist.
  • Fix: A crash occurs when deactivating/activating VsTortoise from the Visual Studio Add-in Manager.

Build 28 (beta)

  • New: Added refresh button to context menu in Open modified File dialog, to refresh the list. Rather than using the button, you can also use F5 as shortcut.
  • Fix: Pass filenames to TortoiseSVN through a pathfile rather than over the command-line (via CreateProcess). This should remove once and for all the "TortoiseSVN not showing up" problems, which were usually caused by exceeding the supported OS's command-line length.
  • Fix: Missing command "Show Log" in filter context menu #6956 (thanks mikeplex)
  • Fix: Installer not working correctly on Windows 32bit in some places. Internal error: Cannot acces 64 bit registry keys on this version of Windows (thanks mneu)
  • Fix: ActiveProject commands respect paths of all project items now, rather than the directory where the .vcproj is located only. (thanks Julien)
  • Fix: On some systems, mainly with other add-ins installed, VsTortoise buttons in the Solution Explorer context menu have been placed below the Properties button. This was incorrect behavior and now placed above Properties instead.

Build 27

  • Fix: Webupdate causes Visual Studio to crash (sometimes). Issue #6948

Build 26 (unreleased)

  • Fix: Solution Explorer: VsTortoise buttons missing when multiple Projects are selected. Issue #6889

Build 25 (beta)

  • New: Added support for Filter items (virtual folders) in Solution Explorer.
  • New: Added "Get Lock..." to Solution Explorer context menus. VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsLock command.
  • New: Added "Release Lock..." to Solution Explorer context menus. VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsUnlock command.
  • New: Added "Clean-up" to Solution Explorer context menus. VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsCleanup command.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: Added "Search in Path" option, which is allows you to either filter items using the filepath or filename.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: Listview supports column header clicks to change sort criteria.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: Don't show title bar icon in "Open modified File..." dialog. This matches how dialogs inside Visual Studio usually look.
  • New: Info page in about dialog prints several infos, such as Visual Studio UI lannguage etc, that should be posted when reporting a bug.
  • New: Installer checks if TortoiseSVN is installed and displays a message if it's missing.
  • Fix: Added missing tooltips to several commands.
  • Fix: Default shortcuts (added in Build 24 beta) caused the add-in to disappear in non english Visual Studio installations.

Build 24 (beta)

  • New: Added "Open Modified File..." to Solution Explorer context menus. VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsOpenModifiedFile command.
  • New: Added "Repository Browser" to Solution Explorer context menus. VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsRepoBrowser command.
  • New: Added default shortcuts to various VsTortoise commands (ActiveDocumentDiff, ActiveDocumentDiffWithPreviousVersion, ActiveDocumentBlame, ActiveDocumentFindNextModification, ActiveDocumentFindPreviousModification, OpenModifiedFile). In case the particular shortcut is used by another Command already, VsTortoise will not steal the others shortcut and will not provide a default shortcut then. Existing users of VsTortoise need to uninstall and then install the new version for this feature to take effect.
  • New: Added VsTortoise.SolutionExplorerSelectedItemsUpdateToRevision command to Solution Explorer context menus. Issue #6305: update to revision
  • New: Added options to enable/disable various VsTortoise menu integrations. Options located under Mainmenu -> Tools -> Options -> VsTortoise -> Integration. Issue #6306: additional code editor context menu
  • New: Added VsTortoise to text/code editor context menu. Issue #6306: additional code editor context menu
  • New: Assigned accelerator keys to VsTortoise menu items. You can open the VsTortoise main menu bar without using the mouse now. Just press Alt key, then use the underlined key in the VsTortoise main menu item to open it. The preferred accelerator key is Alt+S, but this can change when it is used by another menu item already.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: added support for "Ctrl+Enter" within filter textbox and listview to execute "Compare with base"
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: added support for PageUp/PageDown keys in filter textbox to navigate the listview, so far only up/down were supported
  • Rem: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: removed "select all" shortcut from listview, never used this
  • Fix: Fixed Issue #6310: Labels not properly sized in the options page
  • Fix: Fixed Webupdate "Interval in days". An interval of 1 day should check for updates every day (when day of year changed). In earlier versions, at least 24hrs had to elapse, not taking the day of year in to account.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog: List uses Windows Explorer visual style information (Windows XP or later)

Build 23

  • Fix: Executing "Blame" through the Solution Explorer on a file opens TortoiseMerge rather than TortoiseBlame.

Build 22 (beta)

  • New: Visual Studio 2010 RC support
  • New: VsTortoise integrates in to Solution Explorer context menus. The following commands can be found when you right click an item in the Solution Explorer now: Update, Commit, Add, Blame, Diff, Diff with previous version, Show Log, Resolve, Revert, Properties.
  • New: OpenModifiedFileDialog: Assigned icons to context menu items
  • Fix: Icons for VsTortoise Commands using a non en-US version of Visual Studio
  • Fix: Hide VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentDiff Command when active document is unmodified instead of disabling it. This mimics the TortoiseSVN explorer context menu behavior.
  • Fix: Don't disable VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentCommit Command when active document is unmodified. This mimics the TortoiseSVN explorer context menu behavior.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentBlame Command is not required to save the active document when executed
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentProperties Command is not required to save the active document when executed
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFileDialog: Rearranged order of items to more match the TortoiseSVN commits context menu
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFileDialog: No context menu when no item is selected
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFileDialog: Slightly optimized scanning for modifications.
  • Fix: Typo in Webupdate diagnostics output fixed (thanks Björn)
  • Fix: The installer now also detects when Visual Studio is running on Windows Vista / Windows 7. (contributed by Malte)

Build 21 (beta)

  • Fix: Fixed crash at Visual Studio startup when VsTortoise' en-US satellite DLL could not be found.
  • New: F5 key can be used to refresh the list in "Open Modified File..." dialog.

Build 20 (beta)

  • Fix: VsTortoise.Commit, remove sub-directory names from path-list before passing to TortoiseSVN.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.Update, remove sub-directory names from path-list before passing to TortoiseSVN.
  • Fix: Don't display an error message when auto-webupdate failed. Only display an error when user involked webupdates fail.
  • Rem: VsTortoise no longer checks for various command line switches to detect/guess automated builds. If the webupdate interrupts your automated build, disable Webupdate in the options instead.

Build 19

  • Fix: Reduced file I/O during command UI queries.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.Commit command no longer sends pathes forced as lower-case to TortoiseSVN.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.Update command no longer sends pathes forced as lower-case to TortoiseSVN.
  • Fix: VsTortoise context-menu entry when right-clicking the document tab has a seperator above.
  • Rem: Removed the expertimental "Document Tab Marker" feature(s) again. It would mean to add dozens of file/directory listeners to get this working properly = bad idea.
  • New: Added link to VsTortoise website to About dialog.

Build 18

  • Fix: Pass filepathes with repaired casing to SvnClient. Visual Studio sometimes returns filenames in incorrectly mixed lower/upper-case. Since filenames in SVN are case-sensitive, this caused trouble.
  • Chn: Webupdate default setting is "Check every day at startup" rather than "Check at startup always"
  • Chn: Webupdate uses HttpWebRequest class with "UserAgent: VsTortoise" now.
  • New: All ActiveDocument commands are now also accessible by right-clicking the document tab.
  • New: Expertimental "Document Tab Marker" feature added. This will append a symbol to the filename found in the document tab when the file is modified (svn status). This makes it enormously easy to detect which of the opened documents are svn modified.
  • New: Added "Documents" options page where the Document Tab Marker symbol can be configured. It's disabled by default.

Build 17

  • First public release

Build 16

  • Chn: Changed webupdater text when a new version is available.
  • Fix: Close %LOCALAPPDATA%\VsTortoise\settings.xml file after load/save operations
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentFindNextModification wraps when no modification has been found below the cursor position.
  • Fix: Show "Cannot execute VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentFindNextModification" status message only when an error occured, rather than always.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentFindPreviousModification wraps when no modification has been found above the cursor position.
  • Fix: Show "Cannot execute VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentFindPreviousModification" status message only when an error occured, rather than always.

Build 15

  • Fix: Options page uses a standard windows font now
  • Fix: Options page control alignment fixed. Groups and texts should no longer overlap the dialog.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentLog was hidden when no active document was available, but it should be visible but disabled.
  • Fix: Typo of name in About -> Contributers text

Build 14

  • New: Created an installer
  • New: Added Webupdate 'Check for Updates...' functionality. Default is "Check at Visual Studio startup", behaviour can be changed in Options. Checking for Updates can be done from the About dialog too.
  • New: Added Options page, see Mainmenu -> Tools -> Options -> VsTortoise, Settings are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\VsTortoise\settings.xml
  • New: Added VsTortoise debug output pane (enabled via Options)
  • New: Added VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentProperties command.
  • New: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog selects the filter text (if available) when the dialog appears.
  • New: Added Contributers tab to About dialog
  • Fix: Extended the VsTortoise svn status caching sheme to support more than just one cached status element.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedDocumentDialog no longer displays directories in the file list.
  • Rem: VsTortoise no longer writes the OpenModifiedFiles window location and size to the Windows Registry.

Build 13

  • New: Added VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentEditConflict command. This command is only visible when when the active document file has conflicts.
  • New: Added VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentResolve command. This command is only visible when when the active document file has conflicts.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentRevert was not shown for files with conflicts.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFile dialog focus problem, where the up/down keys didn't change any selection when the dialog was opened for the 2nd time.

Build 12

  • New: Added VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentDiffWithPreviousVersion command.
  • New: Added VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentFindNextModification command.
  • New: Added VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentFindPreviousModification command.
  • New: Added "Explore" action to VsTortoise.OpenModifiedFile dialog context menu. This will open the Windows Explorer navigated to the selected file.
  • New: VsTortoise.OpenModifiedFile displays icons for files.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.OpenModifiedFile same items could appear multiple times when when they were located in sub folders.
  • Fix: Renamed VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentDiff from "Diff with previous version" to "Diff".
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFile dialog keeps the filter string.

Build 11

  • New: Added icon to VsTortoise.OpenModifiedFile command.
  • New: Added context menu to OpenModifiedFiles dialog with these actions: Update, Commit, Diff / Diff with previous version, Show Log, Revert, Blame
  • New: Added About dialog
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentCommit disabled when file is unmodified.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentDiff disabled when file is unmodified.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.OpenModifiedFile command is being disabled when no project is open.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.Commit same items could appear multiple times when string casing was different.

Build 10

  • Fix: VsTortoise.ActiveDocument... commands are disabled when the active document is on the svn ignore list.
  • New: VsTortoise.ActiveDocumentRevert command no longer appears in the popup when the active document is unmodified.
  • New: Added a simple caching scheme, that caches for one second the svn status of the latest "svnstatus" operation. This fixes the VsTortoise.ActiveDocument popup delay, since subsequent command queries, when the popup is opened, use the cache rather then starting a new svnupdate operation every time.

Build 9

  • Fix: VTortoise.Update command scans each VsProject prior execution to extract pathes from each item rather than using the .proj path only. Short, Update should work now even when the .proj contains files that are not located where the .proj file is.
  • Fix: VsTortoise.Commit, same as for VsTortoise.Update, "VsTortoise.Connect.<CommandName>" now.
  • New: OpenModifiedFiles dialog displays LastWriteTime.
  • New: OpenModifiedFiles dialog displays total number of elements available as well as filtered number of items.
  • New: OpenModifiedFiles uses regular expressions for filter patterns.
  • Fix: Pressing Up/Down keys in OpenModifiedFiles dialogs filter textbox no longer moves the cursor.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFiles dialog command save open documents prior execution.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFiles, same as for VTortoise.Update

Build 8

  • Fix: OpenModifiedFiles dialog created at correct location immediately.
  • Fix: OpenModifiedFiles dialog focuses the opened document.
  • Fix: VTortoise.ActiveDocument shows most commands always, but disabled. Only "Add" is hidden when not supported.

Build 7

  • New: OpenModifiedFiles dialog displays files with "Added" status too.
  • New: Added VTortoise.ActiveDocument.Add command.
  • New: Added VTortoise.ActiveDocument.Revert command.
  • Fix: VTortoise.ActiveDocument shows possible commands only. Eg. when the active document hasn't been modified, revert isn't shown.
  • New: Added VTortoise.ActiveProject.Add command.
  • New: Added VTortoise.ActiveProject.Revert command.
  • New: VTortoise.ActiveProject commands use project path of active document, when no active document exist, the focused project item in solutionn explorer is used.

Build 6

  • Fix: OpenModifiedFiles.OK button is now disabled when no selection has been made in this dialog.

Build 5

  • New: Added "Open modified file" dialog. Lists all files with the SVN status "Modified" in a list dialog, which can be used to directly open it in Visual Studio.

Build 4

  • Fix: Documents are automatically saved before a VsTortoise command is being invoked.

Build 3

  • Fix: Incorrect upper/lower-case of Document.FullName fixed on-the-fly and proper filenames passed to TortoiseProc. Windows pathes are not case sensetive, but SVN is.

Build 2

New: Blame now passes the line number to TortoiseProc.

Build 1

New: Initial Version

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